Taking Technology Further

Cloud Voice

Imagine having a phone system with all of the latest bells and whistles—and never having to update the bells or manage all of the whistles. With Cloud Voice, you get all of the latest features delivered through an internet-based communication solution. So, all of the applications and switching are hosted outside your organization. That makes it easier to access and manage, while keeping you better connected to the people who matter most.

Goodbye managing hardware

Cloud Voice is the perfect option for businesses that don’t want to manage on-site hardware and the hefty investment that often comes with it. Cloud Voice reduces your need for equipment, so supporting more than one office is easy. And, managing maintenance and service contracts is a thing of the past.

Hello advanced features

Cloud Voice lets you take advantage of the latest communication features with a simple and affordable monthly investment. You can unite local and remote staff for meetings, chats and conference calls through a fully integrated mobility solution for all devices. You’ll also have access to the latest integrated applications such as real-time web and audio conferencing, mobile applications, softphones, contact center, presence and secure instant messaging. And as a hosted service, you hand over a significant portion of the maintenance cost and all of the worry to Marco.

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