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Desktop as a Service

Desktop as a Service: reduce capital expenses by leaps and bounds

What if you could reduce the total cost ownership for your technology? And what if you could get there by extending your software’s shelf life and eliminating the need for costly hardware? With virtual desktops, you can and your software will be easier to maintain. (We're talking much easier!) So rather than having to individually upgrade a software program on each person's laptop, everyone's software could be updated all at once.

Besides reducing hardware, extending your technology's shelf life and making your programs easier to maintain, virtual desktops also give your users a super convenient way to access all of their applications and data from any device at any location.


Desktop virtualization helps your organization:

  • Reduce operating costs by being able to upgrade operating systems and applications without having to manually upgrade or replace legacy applications
  • Streamline desktop management and control by having one central location where upgrades and changes take place
  • Provide the convenience and security of virtual desktops to remote workers and business partners from any device, at any location

We can make getting there a snap

There are two ways to create a virtual desktop environment. Marco can build a private cloud with virtual desktops just for your organization in your data center or we offer this technology as a cloud service. When offered as a cloud service, the servers and applications reside in our secure data centers. This is referred to as Desktop as a Service (DaaS), and it offers you a predictable, pay-as-you-go option that’s simple, flexible and affordable.

With DaaS, you’re sharing the hardware costs with others in a public cloud environment. Because you’re sharing the costs with other users, it’s much more cost effective than having your own servers in your private data center. And that’s just the beginning of the advantages.

Let’s talk about the benefits Marco’s Desktop as a Service can provide

Grow your business, not your IT infrastructure

Not having to manage desktops, applications and on-site servers frees up your time and budget so your business can focus on what matters most. Your IT team can focus on more strategic initiatives instead of software updates, patches and ongoing maintenance.

Reduce risk with built-in business continuity

Because your applications, data and computing reside off-site in a secure location, your business is safer in case of a disaster, loss of access or illness. Employees can continue to work from any device in the event of a local disruption. Backups of your data are done by our team, making it easier to restore your information.

Save money with predictable and simple IT economics

Expensive capital expenditures can be shifted into a predictable monthly expense, making it easier and faster to scale up or down, onboard new employees, manage new locations and adapt to business changes.

Get convenient, single-click, anytime access

Users have secure, single-click access to their desktop and all of their corporate applications, including fully-integrated email, file sharing, browser and other application services.

Experience seamless integration

Transitioning applications, data and hardware resources from a local device, other cloud providers and an on-premise environment to a single entry point through Marco’s DaaS offers end users a more seamless experience and eliminates the need to launch individual applications one at a time.

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